(photo courtesy of Knox Studios & our little model Max Balderson)

Most of you know my story by now. Closing my store at the end of 2013 was devastating to me, since I had built up a business for over 25 years that I dearly loved. I loved my customers, my store, my employees, and everything about the business….all except that one little problem…paying the BILLS! It just became too expensive to keep the doors open any longer, but I just couldn’t bear the idea of ending it all. Somehow I had to stick around. I loved dressing children like children, and had such an awesome customer base that I decided to give it a go on Facebook, to see how selling on there would work. And it did…..work, that is. Until Facebook decided they wanted MONEY (& lots of it!) to show MY posts to MY customers, who specified they WANTED to see my posts. Ugh…it seemed like “Here we go again”….BUT I still was not done! There HAD to be a way to make this work! I knew I had a wonderful niche product, that I just had to get more people to see.

I began looking at Amazon, not as the enemy, but as an ally. I researched, and although my brain is much slower at absorbing new knowledge than it was 30 years ago, (understatement of the year), I have been plugging away day after day, trying to learn the ins & outs of selling on Amazon.

I have been tempted at times to just give up, because it just seemed so DIFFICULT to jump through all the hoops necessary to meet their approval, but I am happy to announce I finally DID IT! My products began selling on Amazon right before Christmas, and it has been a big boost to business! But now I had to figure out a new issue……my growing inventory was taking over my house! (For those of you who are familiar with how I began out of my home in 1985, this has a very deja vu feel to it!)


(1985, my living room on Battlefield Blvd. …yes, I was a little pregnant in this photo!)

So, I went a step further, & learned how I could ship my products in bulk to Amazon & they would take care of storing, shipping, and managing my inventory! This is all for a fee of course, but my hope is that the exposure & increase in sales will make up for the added expense.


(photo courtesy of Knox Studios & our little model Maggie Balderson!)

With much trepidation & excitement, I shipped off my boxes last week, to three different allocation centers across the U.S. Today I pushed the button to “Activate” the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) account, and I am happy, proud, and have to admit a little scared to announce that Connie’s Kids private label is now being sold directly from Amazon! That means Prime members can get it their orders the next day! I am still holding my breath, because I have not yet had a SALE using this method, so I can only wait & keep my fingers crossed that this is going to be a whole new world of increasing sales for Connie’s Kids!

What does this mean for YOU? It doesn’t HAVE to change the way you shop with me at all. My web site is functioning as always, & Facebook sales are still going to continue on the items I have in stock at my home. The only reason you would shop on Amazon for the Connie’s Kids label is if you were already shopping on Amazon & can use my items to add to your sales, to qualify for free shipping offers from Amazon. I will still offer you the lowest price, so shopping with me directly will still be YOUR best bet. BUT, this will hopefully find many NEW customers who have never heard the name “Connie’s Kids“, and will expand my customer base immensely! (That is the plan, anyway!) :-)


(photo courtesy of Knox Studios and our little model Dominiq)

Once again, I have to express my unwavering gratitude to you ALL, who have continued to support me for over a year now, since my store has closed! Even if you don’t purchase often, I appreciate you always thinking of me first when you are in need of something, and giving me the chance to help you if I can. I also appreciate those of you who “like” “share”, & “tag” my posts on Facebook, to help spread the word, & keep me from having to pay so often for my posts to be shown. I now have over 7000 fans, yet each post only gets shown to 30-50 people. Just remember to scroll through the “photos” every few days , to see all the sales & posts you may have missed!

So, I hope you will check out my new store front on Amazon, and am asking you to send up a prayer or positive vibes that this will be a success, and that I may continue to have the privilege of dressing your little ones for many more years to come!
Cheers!  Connie


Is your child the next face of Connie’s Kids? There’s only one way to find out! Submit your child’s photo today for a chance to be featured in Connie’s Kids ads, on banners, and Facebook timeline, as well as being seen worldwide on the Connie’s Kids web site!

You can post your child’s photo directly on the Facebook page, along with their name, size, & age. You can also send me a private message on Facebook if you prefer. Or email the info to me at connie@connieskids.com. Also include your phone number or email, and specify how you would like to be notified. Please, send only ONE photo, it doesn’t have to be professional, & it can be just a head shot, or full body. Entries must be received no later than Jan. 17th.

I can use newborns through size 10, boys and girls. If chosen, you will be notified & will be given a selection of outfits to choose from. Due to the logistics of me not having an actual store front anymore, the item your child models will need to be purchased, & you will receive a 30% discount off the item you choose. Your child will then receive a FREE modeling shoot, courtesy of Knox Studios! ($90 value).

You will be asked to sign a release at Knox Studios to allow us to use your photos in our advertising. These photos will ONLY be used for advertising by Knox Studios and Connie’s Kids. If you wish to purchase any of the photos, they will be available to you at a discounted price.


That’s it! I only need a few models, so please don’t get your feeling hurt if your child isn’t chosen this time around. I have certain sizes & styles to fill, and your child just might not be the right fit this time, but they may work out on the next go round!

I am still on cloud nine over having my own Connie’s Kids label & can’t wait to get the word out to the WORLD! This time last year I was so very sad, closing my shop. I only wish I knew what was in store for me & I would have been so excited for this new & thrilling chapter for Connie’s Kids! I can’t do ANYTHING without all of you, so please accept my heartfelt gratitude!

If you want to be a part of my “Designer’s Circle”, & help decide what styles I will offer as the Connie’s Kids brand, just shoot me an email & I’ll be happy to add you to the list! They have been a great help so far, & it’s fun to work as a team!

Thanks again & I’ll be looking forward to seeing all your cuties pictures coming soon! Connie



When I look back to one year ago, I was one very sad little cookie. I was closing my store after 25 years, and had no idea what the future held for me. I was depressed, and I must say, not very optimistic about what lay ahead. When I thought of what to do next, all I could think was I am already doing what I love to do, so where do I go from here? To say I was lost is an understatement.

Who would have ever thought that my loyal customers would pull me through, keep supporting me, and allow me to continue providing top quality children’s clothing to all who want them? I knew I had the best customers/friends in the world, but the amount of encouragement I have received over the past year of selling solely online has been nothing less than overwhelming! With local drop-off points & easy delivery methods, you have all shown me you are willing to work with me to keep dressing your children like children, not little “hoochy-mommas!” LOL

Along with you, I have become increasingly frustrated by the lack of selection in children’s clothing that is classic, tasteful, and affordable. So, I did a little research, found a company that will work with me, and I can now have 100% control over my own designs & provide my own Connie’s Kids designer label! I cannot tell you how excited I am at this opportunity to be able to incorporate your feedback into new styles for your little ones!

The new “Connie’s Kids” brand will be available starting spring 2015!  It will feature smocked outfits, for boys and girls. Starting on a small scale, I will test a few styles to get your feedback. Once I hear your opinions & suggestions, I will continue to increase the line by designing more & more, to suit your tastes!

Want to be a part of the “Designer’s Circle”, seeing all the design possibilities before anyone else, and getting more of a vote in what makes the cut? Just send your email address to connie@connieskids.com, & let me know you want to join in! I encourage you to constantly provide feedback on my Facebook page, which will help direct my future designs.  I will be posting a lot more “Thumbs up or Thumbs down” posts on Facebook, to get quick responses. I will also be on the lookout for models for photo shoots at Knox Studios!  I hope you are as excited about this new endeavor as I am & will enjoy participating in creating your children’s wardrobes!

I DO still miss my store, and seeing you all on a regular basis, but working in my jammies has been much more fun than I ever imagined! Plus, running my business this way allows me more freedom to see my three grandchildren when ever I want! So, I guess the old saying is true….when one door closes, another always opens! I am ready to jump into this new venture, & I hope you will jump right along with me! Who’s in?

With a heart full of gratitude, Connie

Hi Everyone!

Please read before bidding on any Facebook sales.

By bidding, you are agreeing to the terms mentioned below.


By being a preferred Connie’s Kids customer,

you can shop ahead & SAVE, before the sale goes public! 

Just click HERE to start saving! 



Enjoy our first “FOR GIRLS ONLY” sale,

and I hope you have your trigger-fingers ready!

I truly appreciate your continued support!


Just for my Facebook  fans ONLY, here is a sneak peek at what will be offered tomorrow night at 7pm on our next “Close-Out” sale!  Sizes & prices will be posted at sale time! These are NOT offered on our web site…this is a FACEBOOK sale only! Get your trigger fingers ready for some fun!

Welcome to the

“Connie’s Kids Close-Outs”

instructions page.

Before starting,  please click the “Get Notifications” tab to make sure you don’t miss out

on the Close-Outs time announcements!


Please read & the instructions below before bidding on any of the Close-Outs!

I want this to be FUN for all, so here are just a few rules to keep some tiny bit of sanity here. :-)


Make sure you actually come to our page, not just watch for the posts on your news feed,
or you may miss out! 

Also, please post (PU) for local pickup at The Diaper Bag on Battlefield Blvd, or My Chic’s on Shore Dr.
Or, post (SH) if you need your entire order shipped, for a flat $6 fee.

Please let me know if you have any questions, & I will be happy to help you.

Thanks & I hope you enjoy Connie’s Close-Outs!

I Need Your Help!

ImageIt’s been about a month now, since I decided to stop trying to find something ELSE to do with my life, and realized that my dream of dressing your kids in beautiful clothing is not over.

It is taking a while to get the word out to my customers that we are now selling primarily online, so I am asking for your help. We now have over 6000 Facebook fans, but for each post I make, only about 100 of you are seeing it.  It costs a fortune to advertise on Facebook, Google, etc, so I would like to know what would make it worthwhile for you to help me spread the word? All I am asking is for you to share my Connie’s Kids Facebook posts on your own news feeds.

You are my “Core” customers & friends, and I am willing to compensate you for your assistance, but I need to know HOW you would like to be compensated.

ImageSo please, let me know what you want in return. I will take all suggestions into consideration. You can post your response here, on facebook, or shoot me an email at connie@connieskids.com.

With new lower prices, and the new shopping method of letting YOU look through & shop in the vendors actual catalogs, like Lito & Royal Child, & Footmates Shoes, our selection is even GREATER than before! I will be adding new vendors, but have no storage, so need to sell my current inventory before ordering more.
I will do my best to keep my prices LOW, but in all fairness to brick & mortar stores, and our vendors, some items cannot be discounted. But, I WILL purchase over-runs, close-outs, etc, & discount where I can, to save you LOTS on your purchases!
For locals, you will be able to shop many of our items at My Chic’s on Shore Drive. To save you shipping, we are using The Diaper Bag on Battlefield Blvd for pick-up, and that is working out nicely.

Thank you for your support. I am counting on that to continue, so together, we can keep Connie’s Kids around for many more years to come!

*Side note* I joked with many of you about “Working in my pajamas, and it has now become a reality!” :-)  I miss seeing all of you though, and hope you will continue to stay in contact with me. I love seeing your posts of your kids & grand kids wearing their outfits, and keeping up with your lives. Please keep my number handy, (757) 333-6056, & call me whenever you are searching for that special “something”! You can also post your questions directly on our Facebook page, and that will help to see if others are interested in the same thing you are!  Quantity ordering translates into greater savings for all. I promise I will always do my best to find what you are looking for!
Thank you….& I can’t wait to hear from YOU!
Cheers! Connie



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